Holidaze – Christmas to New Year, A Time to Reflect


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wait, what? The holidays are over? Was it all a holidaze? Month after month, we wait and plan the holidays, and suddenly, they are over. The presents have been exchanged, some returned. Our ugly Christmas sweaters are packed away. Friends and family have been hugged and kissed, updated, and argued with. And now it is time to return to our normal lives, or is it?

Before our resolutions are in full swing, lets not forget what the holidays were all about. Reflection. As we were gifted time to spend with family and friends, we were all given a little extra time to think back upon the year that has past. Some thought about the wins. A new job, better salary, new opportunities, marriage, or kids. For others it was the losses. Loved ones that have passed, the end of a relationship, or missed connections.

After the holidays, we put our new year hats on and make new resolutions, or relive the old. Let us not forget, however, that all those things we have reflected on can help to guide us forward into the new year. Mistakes made can be learning points. Personal gains can be shared to help others.


As the holidays are a time for togetherness, it is important to remember our reflections and how we can join forces towards a greater good. Resolutions can be selfish. Counting calories and finally getting fit may make you a happier person, but you are focusing inward. Just the word reflect means to shine outwards.

It is a long year ahead before Christmas and New Years roll around again. But as the holidaze clears and we embark upon the coming year, lets remember to reflect. We can shine our lights on one another. Now that is a wonderful resolution.

December 31, 2016
January 10, 2017


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