Pure Barre: A Review

This is your year! Why not add Pure Barre to the mix? I have and am stronger in every way!

I am currently visiting home for an extended holiday (thank you Norwegian maternity leave). Although I love where I live, there is not the wide range of different niche businesses to spend my time at like there is stateside, especially in Chicago. While driving back from the grocery store one day, I saw a storefront gleaming “Pure Barre” at me, and I am so glad that I did! I have been a figure skater, dancer, and pom pom in my past life, so fitness and dance have always gone hand in hand for me.

Ballet on the other hand, has always taken my breath away, though I have never been on pointe myself. Exercise inspired by ballet brings out my inner prima ballerina.

So what is the Pure Barre method?

Pure Barre is not a ballet class. It is inspired by yoga, pilates, and the exercises at the ballet barre but is instead an isometric strength training session. All studios are individually owned and operated. Every class is complete with motivating music, empowering movements, and a sense of community that will tighten, tone, and transform your body and mind.  The classes are open to anyone, meaning all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. You can Pure Barre up to delivery day my pregnant friends! The workout is high intensity, but low to no impact, so your joints will not be achy the next day. Small movements test your endurance, while sculpting deep into the muscle fibers. Get ready to discover muscles you didn’t remember you had ladies (or gentlemen for that matter)!

A typical class?

The session lasts about an hour and sticky socks help keep your grip. You start with a gentle warm up marching in place, then get right into it. Each workout starts the same, but small variations from class to class keep your muscles and your mind guessing. Gentle stretching transitions you between an ab+arm portion, to a leg+bum, and then to an ab+bum finale. Again, small variations exist between classes, but the setup is familiar. This helps you focus on working your body to its limits, then going beyond, exceeding what you thought was possible at each class. You work into your muscles, inch by inch, fiber by fiber, not only becoming stronger, but more flexible.

How to sign up?

Start at Pure Barre’s Website to find a class near you. I signed up for a newcomer special, 4 weeks unlimited classes for $99. You can pay per class, for a multiple class pack, as well as monthly or yearly for added bonuses. The instructors at the Park Ridge, IL location are all fenomenal. Big shout out to Leslie, Katy, Jules, Kristen, and the other staff. You can’t put a price on being motivated every class and coming out after an hour happier and stronger than before.

No Pure Barre near you?

About 10 years ago I was introduced to The Bar Method. I have the original DVD, as well as a prenatal DVD from them. I will be going back to it with a new vigor after I return to Norway, and I recommend it to anyone. Two more DVDs with great reviews are Physique 57 and BarreAmped. If you want to delve deeper into your inner prima ballerina, I own and can recommend NYC Ballet Workout and Ballet Beautiful. Pure Barre also has DVDs and equipment for sale on their website.

Friends, I am totally amped about Pure Barre, and I hope you will be too. You have nothing to lose but your love handles, so next time, let’s meet at the barre. Doctor’s orders!

Disclaimer: I have received no financial compensation for writing this article and all the opinions above are my own. I may receive a small kickback if you purchase from the links provided, but remember that this is at no cost to you, and only helps to keep my site running.





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    January 19, 2017

    Great post! Thanks!

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    Jennifer Amber

    February 21, 2017

    I really enjoyed this post, I’ve heard about Pure Barre for awhile. I am definitely going to sign up a class! Thank you so much for writing this awesome post!

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      February 22, 2017

      It is sooo worth it! I definitely miss it so much! But I am working on a barre at home challenge now, stay tuned 🙂

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