– A novel platform to connect brands and influencers

The world of social media and information technology is constantly and rapidly morphing. is a novel platform that is bringing together brands and influencers for their mutual benefit.

Any blogger can understand the work involved to publish content and connect with collaborators. As an influencer, your passion is to inspire others to seek out helpful goods, breathtaking travels, or everyday tips. The brands need you to help them communicate to their audience. helps bridge this gap between the influencer and the brand. This article may contain affiliate links only for products I love and recommend.

What is is a marketplace platform where brands and influencers can connect across multiple social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Website blogs and Instagram.” -Leslie Ho of

The brand can connect with the right influencer, who in turn inspires others to seek out the product. The more influencers that get on board, the more brands will sign on, and more opportunities will arise for collaboration. Brands want to promote their product and the influencer has the power to get that product to a wider audience. The brand will in turn pay the influencer directly and a commission to

How does it work?

The basic setup is this:

  1. Discover – Brands search the database for influencers like you to work with.
  2. Connect – Bridging brands and influencers, communication has never been simpler.
  3. Collaborate – The brand and the influencer come to an agreement on how to work together.
  4. Pay – The payment is held by a third party program until the work is delivered.
  5. Review – Both influencer and brand have an opportunity to rate and review each other publicly.

Influencers create a profile and link to their own social media and website platforms. From here can brands identify you and contact you to collaborate. also allows influencers to recommend each other and increases your odds of being booked for a job. The influencer is able to pre-set a price, however negotiation is always possible.

Brands that sign on can search through influencer profiles and collaborate in a mutually beneficial manner. They pay a commission to to participate in the platform.

Referral program

By signing up here, will give the 5% commission they would otherwise earn from the brand for every influencer you refer, for 12 months. forfeits their commission because they value collaboration and spreading the word.

Do you have any more questions? has a great support system and all the steps are easily outlined. A chat function helps to clarify individual needs and the knowledge base is easy to understand and implement. No questions are unimportant and you never know when your question may help to improve the service.

Sign up today with You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Be a part of the future, where brands and influencers share a platform, collaborate, and reap the rewards.



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    Amy Patton

    March 5, 2017

    This is good to know! I’ll have to sign up!

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    March 6, 2017

    Sounds like a great platform! I love any way to connect bloggers and brands together for mutual benefit.

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